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Trader Label

$999.00 USD

$1,999.00 Setup Fee

Join the FX business !This package provides common brand terminal with limited feature to suit need of every start-ups. We have included the right features and necessary access to start economically. Trader label is designed with features to suit the IB, Fund Managers, Individual Traders and Small group of traders We have included 1 MT4 Manager, 4 groups, 20 symbols, Auto Account Creation and IB Setup. You will get an HTML website with one fix API LP connection.

MT4 Whitelabel

$1,999.00 USD

$6,999.00 Setup Fee

Metatrader 4 Whitelabel features your business with your branded Trading software. This will provide you branded terminal and greater access. The package includes all the basic tools to start and run your Forex business efficiently. You will get 4 MT4 manager, 9 groups, 30 symbols, MT4 Web API, IB Setup and MAM. We will provide responsive website with 2 fix API LP connection

Pro Broker

$2,999.00 USD

$11,999.00 Setup Fee

Thinking of setting up fully-features Forex broker, then Choose proBroker, which
has all sophisticated features to have huge forex broker in house. It enables your traders to
experience a greater trading software. We offer 12 MT4 manager, 12 groups, 60 symbols, Multi-
Level IB, MAM, Auto-Dealer, Leverage Manager. With this package, we provide wordpress Website
with FXCRM and 5 FIX API Connection

Prime Broker

$4,999.00 USD

$19,999.00 Setup Fee

If you are looking to setup a Prime Forex broker, here is what you need. You get everything vital for starting as a prime broker. We provide full-fledged functionality including 50 MT4 Manager, 20 Groups, 90 Symbols, Multi-Level IB, MAM, Auto-Dealer, Leverage Manager, Bonus Manager, MT4 Gateway, Data center in your Region coupled with Brand Website, 5 FIX API Connection and 5 MT4 gateway Connection.